The negative effects of senior ditch day

JACK CHINTALA. Staff Writer.

Every year, as part of their leaving from the school, seniors attempt to choose a date in with “none” of them show up to class.  This year, as with most of the others, was a failure.

Ditching a class, while seemingly insignificant can have a large impact if enough students do it.  Poway high receives a certain amount of money based off its attendance.  If enough students ditch, receives less money than it would have if the students show up.

Although few take it seriously, ditching a class is illegal.  It is mandatory for students to show up to school with exceptions such as family emergencies, sickness, and doctor’s appointments.  If students fail to show up to class without parental consent, it can have some unfortunate consequences.

The most common consequence for ditching is a detention.  For the most part, students are largely unaffected by the detention after they serve it.  For those who do not serve it, they may not be able to walk at graduation or participate in other senior activities such as the senior picnic, senior breakfast and grad night.

One solution to the seniors ditching class is to have a much harsher punishment for ditching.  Those seniors who ditch could have an extended detention, a Friday detention or a referral.  This would prevent some seniors for ditching, but not all.

Another possible solution is to have those who intentionally ditch be unable to participate in a senior event such as senior breakfast.  While this punishment seems harsh, it would prevent most if not all seniors from ditching.

Senior ditch day is an unfortunate tradition which impacts more than just the school’s attendance record.

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