Choose Our Own Adventure

SARAH BERGMAN. Staff Writer.

In the four years every minute invested in our futures is spent in high school. Before students are eighteen, they have to open doors of opportunity, but when parents shove their children through these open doors, it puts talented individuals into a cage. Children are not surrogates for their parents’ dreams.

Parents these days seem to think our lazy tendencies have to do with our lax workload. While many students involve themselves in sports or academics, not every student is going to have time for multiple time-consuming activities. School is harder than it was thirty or forty years ago, and it gets harder to get into universities every year.

Forcing students stressed by school into other activities will not make them “well-rounded.” There is a difference between stimulated and overextended.

At this age, we check ourselves into attendance and schedule doctor appointments. We apply for jobs and fill out voting registration. So parents advising or forcing your kids to go to your college, study your major or play the sport you lettered in your senior year—these are not necessarily going to work for us.

The reason why people say teens “have to make their own mistakes” is because one day, we are going to be adults. Deciding things for us until we are thirty and married is not going to make us better adults. It will make us dependent for everything. This is our time to learn independence and about ourselves.

Parents, we can’t do everything you did or wanted to do. We can barely do what we want to do now, what with the standards put in our way. Giving us a chance to find out who we are on our own will make us more well-rounded than choosing our future for us.

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