Show review: Turn

HAMID KOLAHDOUZ. Sports Columnist.

AMC has released a new, entertaining show to its lineup after “Breaking Bad” went off the

air. The show, “Turn,” is about America’s purported first spy ring in the Revolutionary War. The drama is based on Alexander Rose’s book Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring. New episodes air every Sunday at 9.

The show has nuance for the realistic and diverse viewpoints of its characters. Unlike most movies or television shows about the Revolutionary War, and there are few, “Turn” has loyalist, secessionist, and politically ambivalent characters. The show isn’t a nationalistic farce like Mel Gibson’s “Patriot” but instead is genuinely entertaining and interesting.

The series follows the life of farmer Abe Woodhull and his life in small town New England, now hosting a British army garrison. The town is largely loyalist, but the brutality and treatment by the British starts to “turn” some in town to the American side. The show has enough action to keep it interesting for certain viewers and several subplots that parallel the main story.

The show has quality acting for a cable television series, although it might not be on an award-winning caliber. None of the actors are well known in America. But through the first few episodes the main characters have all been performed well.

“Turn” is shot well for the most part; however, there are some CGI created scenes that look corny and unrealistic, but for a cable television series it’s unreasonable to expect high quality, expensive effects needed for certain war scenes.

“Turn” might not be the next “Breaking Bad,” but it is a quality show worth watching.

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