The importance of lists


About a year ago I was the typical high school student-drone that wakes up, goes to school, engages in some sort of after-school activity, completes homework for hours, eats, then goes back to bed; these activities occurred every day. But then I turned into a senior, and I think you can guess what set in.

Anyways, though laziness and procrastination is not something I advise, it has helped me figure out parts of myself that I had never known before. And though I think it great to want to push yourself to the limit, and maybe even past that in some of your cases, I don’t think it’s a good idea to sacrifice your personality for it.

What ever happened to making lists? And no, I don’t mean checking off items for a list of chores, but one in which you have you aspirations. And again, I’ll stop you before you say a goal like “I want to be a doctor” because that’s not what I mean either. I mean things that you want to do in your lifetime that just make you an interesting and fun person. For instance, learning how to Swing dance or learning cool card tricks (those may or may not be some of mine). To make a list of things that you are interested in that don’t revolve around work.

By finding interesting things that you enjoy to do, it allows you to not be a one-sided person, but one that is more well-rounded. The task will then be easy when trying to come up with fascinating facts about yourself, and will possibly give you much better stories to tell when you’re older too. Making lists and branching off into new types of things can open new doors, where you can leave that drearily repetitive world of work and stress, and enter one of excitement.

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