Varsity baseball overcomes RB


Poway Athletics always strive to be on top, and it is evident when walking into the school gym and seeing all of our banners.

The Titans always want to win, especially when up against RB. The Poway vs. RB rivalry has been in our school’s history for years.  Though Poway outmatches RB in many sports, the Broncos have always had a hold on the top spot when it comes to baseball. However, the tables turned on March 22nd in the Hilltop Tournament championships.

Both teams made it through their brackets and eventually No. 9 Poway had to face their rival, No.1 RB. RB had won the Hilltop tournament for nine years up until last year when they lost 1-0 to Granite Hills. It was a huge test for Poway, knowing it would be a tough game.

Starting pitcher, Nathan Moncrief, pitched six innings with no runs, and relief pitcher, Sam Godfrey, came in to end the game. Poway came out on top winning the match 2 to 0. The runs were scored by Joey Fiske and Kevin Bristow.

“We knew we had our work cut out for us, and it felt great to finish with the win,” outfielder Joey Fiske explained.

“As great as it feels to beat RB, we still have to play them three more times in our league. Our work isn’t done yet,” right fielder Kyle dean said.

The Titans prevailed in a very important game not only proving they had what it takes to beat a No. 1 Team but also marking a solid start to the 2014 baseball season.

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