San Diego science festival

KC Longley. Associate Editor.

san diego science festival

Every year science teachers announce that the annual San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering is coming up.

For students who love to surround themselves with equations, mechanical robots, chemicals and much more, this event is perfect for them.

This year science fairs were held from March 15-22 all over the San Diego County. The Festival day is on Saturday March 22 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Petco Park. At this event people of all ages can visit the park for free and immerse themselves in a seemingly never-ending amount of experiments. Teachers here at Poway, such as Susanne Nelson and Lisa Casey O’brien, offer extra credit for those who attend the event. Nelson offers up to five extra credit points per activity a student participates in, adding up to a maximum of 30 extra credit points.

“What I love about the science fair is that it helps students’ enthusiasm for science,” Nelson said. “Students are able to go to the fair and choose what they want to participate in, and it proves more than just sitting in a desk listening to a lecture.”

Sponsors such as Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, UC San Diego and Biocom Institute help at this event every year. On Expo Day, over 130 organizations will attend the event and provide interactive and hands on activities for people to try, and hopefully become fascinated by, science and engineering. Topics available to students and parents are Biology, Chemistry, Animals, Oceanography and much more.

The goal of this organization is that they promote science education in San Diego by bringing the community and corporate leaders together. By having this event yearly and showcasing all that people can get out of science, they hope to inspire and provide opportunities for the next generations of scientists in the community. People can also make donations to the organization by emailing at or calling at 858-455-0300 ext. 104.

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