GMO Debate Rages On];[GMOs Are Good, And Here Is Why]



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There has been a lot of controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), with many people on both sides of the argument. Many say that GMOs are harmful while others say they are helpful. In my opinion, GMOs are extremely beneficial and have nearly no downsides.

According to The New York Times, roughly 90 percent of scientists believe that GMOs are safe while just over a third of consumers believe the same thing. There is a large difference in between opinion of scientists on this topic and the opinion of the everyday man. However, I am inclined to believe that scientists — professionals whose entire careers are about finding the truth about nature — would know best about this kind of stuff.

According to the New York Times, GMOs are not entirely new. Farmers have been genetically engineering organisms for ages by breeding crops with select traits together. GMOs are just like that except much more controlled and allow for more combinations since scientists can take genes from one organism and put it into another. While this “frankensteining” might seem like it could be dangerous, GMOs are very thoroughly tested to determine if they are safe before being sold.

Many people who are against GMOs say they are not natural since they are genetically engineered in a lab. However, what does something being natural have to do with whether or not it is healthy? The device you are reading this on right now, whether it be a phone or a tablet or a computer, is not at all natural. It was engineered in a lab, just like a GMO. Electronics in general are not natural, yet everybody knows that they are extremely useful and vastly improve our lives. Modern medicine on the whole is, arguably, not natural. Almost all of it is engineered in a lab. Yet most realize it is both extremely safe and helpful.

GMOs are completely and utterly safe. There is so much evidence supporting their safety that it is honestly ridiculous that it is absurd this many people believe otherwise.

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