Fortnite is not original

STAFF WRITER James Wampler

[Fortnite Is Not That Original];[Fortnite Once Again Copies Apex Legends]

Recently, Fortnite added a great new mechanic where if a squadmate dies, you can revive them and have them spawn from a “reboot bus.” This mechanic is great, or it would be if it was not a blatant ripoff of an almost identical mechanic from Apex Legends, and this is not even the first time they did this.

It honestly is is so ridiculous that they can get away with this kind of blatant copying. Many of the recent additions to Fortnite are just low-effort Apex Legends ripoffs. The general consensus among all gaming communities is that one game copying another is bad because if everything is a copy of everything else then everything is bland and nothing is original. This is why Fortnite copying Apex is such a huge issue.

For one, there is the aforementioned reboot bus. When a squadmate is downed, you can go to where they died and retrieve a reboot card, which, when taken to a reboot bus, allows the teammate to be revived. This mechanic is good, but it was stolen straight from Apex Legends. In Apex Legends, when a squadmate dies they drop a banner. A teammate can pick up this banner and bring it to a respawn beacon at which point the teammate will respawn. These two mechanics are almost identical and Apex Legends did it first.

A little while ago, Fortnite added a ping system in which one can quickly mark the location of items with the press of a button as well as manually place markers such as where unaware enemies are or what spots have already been looted. This system is practically identical in every way to a system from Apex Legends.

Fortnite copying Apex really needs to stop if they want to maintain any level of respect from consumers. I think Apex genuinely might be taking Fortnite’s place as the top dog of battle royales.

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