Modern Teen Psychological Problems

ALEX FARROW/ Staff Writer

Now more than ever, pressures about teens education, activities, academic performance, social performance, and future are dominating the lives of today’s youth.

Presented in an article by the American Psychological Association, researchers from Harvard, Columbia University, and many other universities show that teens coming from a more affluent background are more prone to depression, narcissistic personality disorder, and substance abuse problems.

In the place of meaningful character and passion, academics and social status determine the worth and value of some teens today. Mental issues, drug abuse, and outrageously dangerous behavior are all a result of these displaced values.

These problems are part of a widespread cultural phenomena, and with the rise of social media and an ever increasing importance on vanity and self image, they are only magnified says Madeline  Levine, psychologist and author who has published several works on psychology and her practice, the most famous of these books being The Price of Privilege where many of her studies originate from.

Levine also argues that pressures around college, academic success, sports, and extracurricular activities combined with social media and the digital age have finally tipped the boat and teens can end up suffering more mentally.

Realistically teens have to figure out how to help themselves or seek help when pressures and influences start to take over a teens life.

Teens growing up in the midst of the beginning of the digital age are confronted with obstacles unknown to parents of an earlier generation.

Psychologists argue that wealth, status, money, academics, and most importantly privilege are the key factors that are contributing to creating a new generation of unhappy and depressed teenagers.

The only answer teens realistically have is to curate their own lives to include more positive influences and activities. It is important for teens to remember that there are bigger and more important aspects to life besides social media, status, academic prowess, and success.


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