Finals Are Back Again


Students spend all of the trimester working hard for one thing: finals. But ever since the new trimester system, teachers have not spared time to spend a week or so having a review session to help the class become more prepared.

Finals are the make-it-or-break-it for your grade. If a student fails a final, then it usually means their grade in the class drops. That is why teachers need to spend time reviewing all of the lessons learned throughout the trimesters. Actual lessons, not just handing out a packet and calling it homework.

If a teacher assigns take-home quizzes or assignments, it can be detrimental to students’ studying. They believe that the questions on the practice test will be the ones on the test and only study these subjects. But when questions on the test that were not on the practice come up, students panic and end up doing poorly.

Spending a week reviewing for finals will allow kids to be able to learn more and fix what knowledge they got wrong over the trimester.

On the other hand, finals are made for students to show teachers the skills and knowledge they learned in the trimester. The final is designed to test students and their study tactics, not how much information teachers can cram in their brain during a week.

Students to learn what study habits work best for them during finals week because in college and later life, professors will not be so generous to have a week of review. Instead, it is up to the student to pass the class.

It is a teacher’s job to make sure that the students have the best learning environment possible and help them with their future. Not spending the time to review for finals can really damage a students future.




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