Government Shut Down


In December, president Donald Trump shut down the government to leverage Democratic support on an appropriations bill for this upcoming year.  He demanded for $5.6 billion in federal funds for the Mexico-Border Wall that he wants to implement during his presidency after receiving criticisms from right wing politicians and media groups for not going through with his idea.  The main reason for his wall is to regulate illegal immigration coming into the U.S.  However, immigrants come past the border through other mechanisms such as tunnel and air-ways, therefore making the wall unnecessary and ineffective to build.

Although it would easily go through the Republican Senate, Democrats are against Trump’s Wall, so they will not be in favor of the funding of the wall, therefore making the bill impossible to pass.  This obviously upset Trump because he devoted his entire first term to the building of the wall resulting in the shutdown.

Trump should end the government shutdown and keep the House and Senate running because this shutdown is hurting many governmental families.  Although it is a protest that Trump pursues to get his funds, more than 800,000 federal employees are affected by this shutdown.  About 380,000 employees cannot go to work and are not being paid, and about 480,000 employees are required to go to work without pay.  This is highly unfair to those people working for the government, especially since they do not get their first 2019 paycheck but Donald Trump does.

Government Employees have been struggling to afford to buy houses, go on vacation, and even for a specific couple, unable to complete the financial paperwork to adopt a baby.

Trump could stop this shutdown, have a meeting with political leaders to discuss other options for Border Security and even make compromises to keep everyone satisfied.  Trump should not be able to shut down the government because he is not affected by it because he still receives pay during this time.  If he wants to work on the National Security crisis and get legislature in order, then he shouldn’t be able to shut down the government.  With the government shut down, nothing can get completed and politics will be at a stalemate until the government starts up again.


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