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Maze Runner’s Final Chapter


The third and final Maze Runner movie, The Death Cure, came out on Jan 26. On IMDb, the movie was rated 7.1/10 and 94% of Google users liked it. The movie was very good and the plot seemed to really improve from the previous two movies.

The previous movie, The Scorch Trials ends with Teresa giving away the hiding place of all the immunes, which are people who cannot get the disease. When WCKD, the place that sent Thomas and his friends into the maze in the first movie, comes to the hiding place, they took Minho, one of the immune. At the end of the movie, Thomas is determined to find him and bring him back.

In The Death Cure, Thomas must try to find out how to get back into the WCKD headquarters, where they have Minho. In the beginning viewers see Thomas and some of his other friends trying to get Minho out of a shipping container, being transported by WCKD. Minho is in the headquarters of WCKD now and Thomas and his friends must try to get Minho back so that they don’t continue to try to extract immunity from his blood, to battle the scorch, which is basically being a zombie.

The Death Cure is an overall phenomenal movie, and the plot improved tremendously. The writers took some serious risks that really worked out for them. Dylan O’Brien, the actor who plays Thomas’ acting was truly mind boggling. He really put himself into the mindset of his character.

Also, Thomas Brodie Sangster, the actor who played Newt, did an awesome job with his character. In the previous movies, his character seemed to be pretty happy and positive all the time, and in the final movie the audience could really see that the character couldn’t be happy and positive in the situation he was in, yet, he was still funny and sarcastic as he has always been.

All in all, The Death Cure was astonishing. The actors really brought the whole movie together and ended the series strongly. The writers and producers did well with the creation of the movie and putting it all together. The movies definitely did justice to the books, which are amazing. The movies have cut out some really good parts of the books but the movies are awesome, almost as awesome as the books.

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Poway Needs More Lunch Tables


Lunch at school is a thirty minute period where you can rest your mind, socialize and eat. While many students have lunch tables to eat their food, students especially by the freshmen and sophomore quads, do not have tables to eat from. Most are forced to sit on ledges by the plants and even sit on the floor. Some students eat from their car for the lack of tables.

Eating from your lap is uncomfortable and messy and sitting on the hard, concrete floor for 30 minutes will leave you with a sore behind for all of fourth period. A great fix to this problem is to line the hallways between classes with tables similar to the ones in the senior quad. This could fix the complication with standing and sitting at lunch time.

Sophomore, Tanner Swindall says, “I think it is very unfair that we don’t have tables in our quad at lunch, it sucks having to sit on the floor and eat. Because of the inconvenience, I am forced to eat in class, where we have tables.”

It is unfortunate that students have no choice, but to eat in class and risk getting in trouble with the teachers. As a result, adding new tables at lunch time will improve the overall feeling of lunch time at Poway High School.

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How You Should Present Yourself at the Olympics

MATTEO CORONA / Staff Writer

Red Gerard, an american athlete, won gold for men’s slopestyle at the winter Olympics, so if you wanted to base your snowboarding off him, he would be a great role model, but he would be a terrible one based on how he prepared and presented himself.

The Olympics are broadcasted live across the world, which means how they see you act on television is how they will perceive you. Red Gerard preceded to drop the F-bomb while getting interviewed after winning gold. Now people will assume that he is a teenager who does stupid stuff at school.

Not only did he drop an F-bomb he also overslept, almost missing his event, because he was watching Netflix late at night. This just furthers the impression that he’s just a regular teenager who does not care.The fact that he was up late knowing he had to snowboard the next day at the Olympics just shows that he did not not think that the Olympics were a big deal. People will think he has an ego; that he thinks more of himself than his team.

Athletes should present themselves at the Olympics by dressing nice, not cursing on live television, and making sure they sleep and wake up on time. People would consider Gerard a better person if he presented himself better. He shattered his personal image by cussing and by oversleeping.

If you want to present yourself better at any event just do the opposite of what Red Gerard did. First impressions matter because people judge you in this world, and its hard to change their mind once they judge you.

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Harmful effects of internet shaming


Most teens do not know a world without social media, a world where more people meet for the first time through a screen then face to face. In light of this social media growth, people spend hours a day scrolling through the various sites and apps making these platforms very useful for spreading news like a wild fire across the globe. While the application is very practical and extremely effective, in the wrong hands, it can also be very dangerous.

A growing trend since the birth of Twitter in 2006 has been internet shaming. This is a sort of virtual justice system where ordinary citizens become internet vigilantes through exposing people’s mistakes and posting about them. The main problem: this justice system does not include a defense, a hearing or a trial, only a sentencing, often one for life.

Imagine one time you really screwed up, and no one or only few people know about. Now take that same screw up and have someone post it. Now tens of thousands to millions know, and only know you for what you did. Now you are afraid to show your face, you can’t get a job, you lose friends and are debating on moving and changing your name. These instances are extreme examples, but are not as rare as you think. So the question that remains, do people believe in second chances?

While the trend tends to stick to the younger social media users, it is certainly not restricted to the older generation getting into it. Take Victor Paul Alvarez as an example. The Boston based reporter broke news story, that contained insensitive joke about John Boehner. Preceding the publication of Alvarez’s story the virtual social media mob began rioting. Despite an apology, Alvarez was terminated. Months later he still looks for work. And what about Adam Mark Smith? The guy who was rude to a Chick-Fil-A worker on YouTube, which resulted in him having to sell his house and move away. And how could anyone forget Justine Sacco, the reporter who made a partially racist tweet right before getting on a plane for Africa only to land, turn on her phone and see her life now in shards.

Google any of these names and sadly their internet shaming will be the first thing to pop up. This forces us to ask the question does the punishment of ruining some one’s life really fit the crime? Now I’m not saying people don’t deserve to know they have made a mistake, I just saying it don’t have to be in front of the world so that person has a chance to change their actions instead of ruining their life. For more information on the topic read Todd Leopold’s The Price of Shaming in The Internet Age published by CNN.

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Death, taxes and Brandon Tran

JACK ESTEPP / Staff Writer

Brandon Tran, also known as B Train, is student section leader for sporting events. Tran took over this responsibility his senior year alongside fellow student section leaders Trevor Riley and Camden Gallagher.

“I think Trevor and I can both agree that B train is the most passionate and dedicated, and honestly most iconic fan,” Gallagher said.

Ben Decker, 2017 grad, was the previous student section leader and passed on the responsibility to this trio.

“The student section is what brings the energy and no one does that better that B train,” Decker said.

B Train’s love for sports began at a very young age. Phouc Tran, his father and owner of Crown Liquor in Mira Mesa, started taking Brandon to San Diego State basketball games and Brandon fell in love with sports.

“My favorite part of the student section is being with my friends and supporting my friends who are playing,” Tran said.

“I love basketball season so much. The opposing team can hear you clearly and it is so loud in the gym. Also, after winning a big game, you can storm the court much easier than in football,” Tran added.

Along with storming the court, Tran loves to go to In N Out after big win. “Double double fries,” said Tran when asked about his go-to order.

Aside from supporting the Titans and eating In N Out, a few of Brandon’s favorite teams are the Padres and the Aztecs.

“I love going to Petco Park or Viejas Arena to catch a game. My favorite Padres player is Wil Myers and my favorite San Diego State player is Rashaad Penny,” he said.

After graduating, Tran plans to attend Palomar and pursue a degree in broadcast journalism. He hopes to find a job in the sports broadcasting industry.

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CW TV shows return

Zak Kiesel / Sports Editor

After another almost month-long break, multiple CW shows are returning with new episodes. Even after the mid-season break that took place from the middle of December to late January, shows such as The Flash and Arrow took another break from the beginning of February to the end of the month to avoid competing against the Winter Olympics, and the shows returned just a couple weeks ago.

Most shows only took a two-three week break, but Legends of Tomorrow ended up taking a two-month hiatus and Riverdale a one-month break. Supergirl briefly returned from the mid-season break and did not return the same time as the other shows because Legends of Tomorrow took its time slot and there have been difficulties on set too. This break, though, did not affect any storylines or plot points, with all shows picking up right where they left off.

iZombie just returned for its fourth season on Feb. 26, not being affected by the mid-season or the Winter Olympic break.

Black Lightning, Jane the Virgin, The Flash, Arrow, and Supernatural only took a couple weeks off for the Winter Olympics, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was not affected and ran without any break, but just wrapped up on Feb. 16.

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Teachers armed and ready

Beau DeLee / Staff Writer

Over the last couple of years the United States has experienced many devastating school shootings. With more and more shootings happening, parents of students want more protection for their child at school.

With the protection of students at school is in question some suggest that teachers should now be armed to protect their students.This would act as a deterrent towards shooters and could be used to save lives, or could possibly lead to more problems and accidents.

“I do not think teachers should carry concealed weapons. We were not trained nor want to be trained to use a weapon, that is not what I got into teaching for. We want to protect our children but carrying a weapon is not the answer” stated Mindy Karp.

Schools and police will now be taking new action to protect students. “I’m really torn on the decision, While arming teachers could lower perpetrators entering schools, teachers don’t have the training to use the weapon, especially in a high pressure situation’’ new school Resource Officer B. Groves said.“ If an incident ever occured here I would put every student in front of myself and do whatever necessary to ensure the safety of everyone” Groves said.

As more tragic events happen the Administration has already begun discussions about new safety methods for the school. Schools such as Westview and Del Norte have two entrances while Poway has nearly 13 different ways to get onto campus.“I do not think teachers should carry concealed weapons, because they are here to teach, not to shoot weapons, as accidents do happen. We have already began and will keep improving our safety code so every student is safe and feels welcomed at our school,” principal Ron Garrett Said.

As school shootings continue, schools will now have new safety requirements and stricter guidelines.

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Spoiler-free Black Panther movie review

Zak Kiesel / Sports Editor

Marvel Studios released their newest movie Black Panther on February 16 and it has been a success from both critics and fans. Everyone agrees that the new superhero movie tackles social issues while still keeping the same creativity and fantastical aspect that all Marvel movies have.

The movie follows Prince T’Challa, also known as superhero Black Panther, from the hidden and fictional country of Wakanda, Africa, and his new opportunities and responsibilities after his father, King T’Chaka, was murdered in a previous Marvel film: Captain America: Civil War. Because Black Panther takes place directly after the third Captain America film, it deals with the immediate aftermath of the King getting assassinated, allowing his son T’Challa the chance to rise up from Prince and become the new King of Wakanda. An unknown assassin, known as Killmonger, shows up uninvited and immediately threatens to take the throne for himself, posing a great threat for Black Panther.

Some of the social commentary in the movie can relate to our society and attempts to engage the audience in an ethical debate regarding foreign policies. When he takes the mantle, many moral questions arise for the young king, such as should a first-world country offer aid a struggling nation but risk its effective status of isolation?

Overall, the movie was a good mix of humor, familial and romantic relationships, and action. Killmonger was especially an intriguing character that won’t succumb to the same fate that almost all Marvel villains face of being forgettable. He was given a tragic backstory and gained the sympathy of the viewers, making him an effective villain.

T’challa was also a very likeable character, and could easily carry a whole franchise if Marvel gives him the opportunity. Unlike most other superheroes, the king is shown as a humble and mature human and does not have to go through a major personal character development plot line.

Black Panther was definitely one of the best Marvel movies made so far. It had many exciting action scenes while maintaining dramatic and moving scenes. Everyone should see it because it tackles important social issues but offers the same excitement as any other action movie.

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Never Again


In Blacksburg, Virginia on April 16, 2007, 33 students and faculty were killed at Virginia Tech. February 14, 2008 in DeKlab, Illinois, six were killed and 21 injured at Northern Illinois University. June 5, 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska, 2 were killed and 2 were injured at Millard South High School. In Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, 26 people were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school. June 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, California, 2 were killed at UCLA. January 23, 2018 in Benton, Kentucky, two were killed and 17 injured  at Marshall County High School.. February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida, 17 were killed and 14 injured at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

According to Washington Post, since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, there have been more than 188 school shootings in the United States. More than 200 students have been killed, and at least 200 more have been injured. How many more lives are we expected to lose before we take action?

The United States is suffering from a gun-violence epidemic, one that has been spilling into schools. It was not enough when 26 people were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Or when 49 people died at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Or when 58 country music fans were shot and killed in Las Vegas, Nevada. So when is it enough?

The Academy for Critical Incident Analysis collected data on school violence around the world. Between 2000 and 2010, 57 incidents were recorded in 36 countries. Half of those incidents, approximately 28, occurred in the United States.  Certainly, the United States is not the only country struggling with school violence, but it is the only country with so many guns, and the only one where violence against students is almost routine.

The Florida massacre is now among the deadliest school shootings in US history, and has yet again sparked debate about US gun laws and control. Some survivors of the shooting attended a Gun show in Miami with the idea to further protect themselves, while others protested at a rally in Fort Lauderdale to promote stricter gun laws. During the protest, high school student Emma Gonzalez took the podium and attacked the US president and other politicians for accepting political donations from the National Rifle Association.

In response, the President and many other politicians have blamed the shooter’s mental health, avoiding the real problem: Gun Control. Many held signs that read “Never Again” to call out the US government to take action to prevent future violence. Here we find ourselves still not solving the problem at hand, because we’re too split on opinions about gun laws more than focused on the safety of others to actually accomplish anything.

With the prevailing outburst of gun control supporters every time there is a mass public shooting, they call for more background checks, claiming it would have made the Florida shooting avoidable, when in reality the flaws of this act would do no such thing. The checks have millions of “false positives,” resulting in weapons landing in the wrong hands. Many do not understand how quickly magazines can be changed or how easy they are to make.

All the while, gun control advocates ignore what their opponents suggest: abolishing gun-free zones. The mass shootings that occurred in Florida, such as the Orlando nightclub, the Fort Lauderdale Airport, and Majory Stoneman Douglas High School were places where guns are banned. According to Fox News, over 98 percent of mass shootings attacks since 1950 have been gun- free zones.

We can clearly see our country is at a loss of what to do, the continuation of the bickering between the two sides has proven not to solve anything, and lives will continue to be lost if we do not take action. Both sides, whether they support gun restrictions or not, are refusing the types of policies that could save lives based on their relentless opinions about gun laws. They are claiming that others “have blood on their hands,” when in reality it is them whose hands are stained, because they would rather fight to ‘be right’ rather than save innocent lives.

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