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Astros Win


We have crowned the new kings of baseball for the year 2017 and now that the Astros have won the World Series, let us recap on arguably one of the most exciting World Series in the history of the sport.

The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 7 in LA to be crowned World Series champions. This was a very exciting World Series, with a record setting 25 combined home runs by both teams in seven games. That is astonishing, considering the pitching staffs that were on display: Clayton Kershaw, who’s viewed as baseball’s best pitcher; Dallas Kuechel, who’s a recurring all star; and Justin Verlander, a guaranteed hall of famer, along with very good pitchers like Yu Darvish and Rich Hill. The unexpected offense was mainly down to the elite offense that both teams possess, but even so, nobody saw this sort of hitting coming at all.

One thing I have noticed in baseball, now that the Astros have won, is that the teams that continue to win the World Series are practically always the same team. Now, I understand how confusing that sounds considering over the past four years we have had big markets like San Francisco and Chicago win as well as smaller markets like Kansas City and Houston. But one element that all of these teams possess is that they are made of a bunch of young stars, drafted and brought up through their organizations, with very few free agent acquisition. Meanwhile these teams that keep getting to the World Series and losing are teams assembled through money and trades rather than building through the draft. Clearly this trend should be a message to GM’s all over the league.

After this postseason, baseball is completely on the rise in the world of sports. It has been a long time since baseball has been king of the sportsland in America, but with declining ratings due to the social controversies in the NFL, and the elitist element inside the NBA, baseball, through its young stars such as Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge, has unexpectedly driven itself on to the top of the sports world.

This postseason has been extremely entertaining and the World Series was the perfect way to cap it off. One can only hope to continue and see great things from the sport of baseball once again.


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For women undergoing Depression

NYIAH MOORE/ Staff Writer

What does it mean to be depressed? It can make you feel weak, lonely, worthless, hopeless, miserable, and hollow; and that is just to name a few symptoms. Depression is something that takes over the body and makes one feel mentally broken.

Depression is a common type of suffering that most people have struggled with. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America statistics, depression is actually most common in teenage girls or young adult women. Women tend to be captured and chained down by depression because we are ruminative creatures that get lost in thought, we are more affected by failed relationships, and we stress a lot over standards that society has made.

I know firsthand that depression can make you lose confidence in everything you do, yourself, and your future. It has snapped my spirit many times, and I find that getting lost in comforting music helps me escape reality. I also find that I want to literally escape, and daydream about running away from my problems.

That is what depression does to a person–it makes them lose sight of what is really important, and it is hard for them to recognize their potential, self-worth, and overall purpose. A Poway sophomore named Zoe, (who asked to remain anonymous and keep her real identity hidden) has dealt with depression before. She felt the same way in her experience, as she said, “I didn’t care about anything and I felt worthless.”

A way to effectively escape depression’s grip is to talk to someone that will understand and help in any way they can. It is nice to have a friend that constantly reminds you how important you are, listens to you, and consoles you. Zoe agreed and said that “talking to people is what mainly helped.”

It is hard to accept that some things you just cannot do on your own, but it is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with needing help, and you will be amazed just how relieving it is to spill everything out to someone for their advice. That being said, it is comforting to be able to relate to someone; but you cannot do that if you do not speak up.

Student Services Counselor Traci Barker-Ball explains that depression “is different for everybody, as some may need counseling while others may need medication.” Barker-Ball suggests that people should have “a good support system, a balanced diet, exercise, sunshine, and sleep–people who are depressed usually sleep too much or not enough.” The average happy person would have all these aspects.

  1. Morgan Griffin, a full-time freelance writer and editor who wrote 10 Natural Depression Treatments, states that women must “give [themselves] a sense of accomplishment” to be strong and confident in themselves; she too needs to remind herself how important she is. For if she does not believe in herself then how could she possibly move on and free herself from depression?

It cannot be expected to get over the issues and tough it out right away, because it takes time to let go of what is dragging you down. It is hard to accept things and move on when you are not ready to. However, there are a couple of techniques that Griffin gives for a good start.

For instance, besides confiding in your loved ones, Griffin said to start “setting daily goals for yourself”, because when you are depressed you usually feel like you cannot accomplish anything and feel worse about yourself. To avoid this, tell yourself “I can do this,” to get out of bed, or go to work and/or school. Give yourself the strength and faith to succeed, even at the little things. As Zoe said, most times she felt “very heavy, and just can’t get out bed with such low energy.”

This is the hardest part, but Griffin explains that since depression is a mental struggle, you need to “change how you think” to escape that miserable state. You might feel like you are worthless and no one likes you and that you are not important, but ask yourself, is there actually evidence for that? It takes practice, but in time you can block out those negative thoughts before they become a burden.

Authors of Coping with Depression for the Help Guide Organization also give helpful suggestions for overcoming depression. For example, a great way to rise up over the wall of sorrow you have built is to simply do things that make you feel happy, the authors stated that “you have to do things that relax and energize you… [like] scheduling fun activities into your day.” Enjoying life is really the best plan because it is the direction you want to go to leave your misery far behind. While you cannot force yourself to have fun when you are feeling so low, you can still push yourself to do things and try, even when you do not feel like it. You will be surprised at how much better you feel once you forget about you troubles for at least little while. The point of trying to have fun is that you will gradually feel more upbeat and energetic as you make time for fun activities. Those fun activities could be expressing yourself through writing in a journal, or going out with friends, and going on a trip as a get-away.

Depression is the decline of spirits, but it can also be a good learning experience. It can teach us how to be strong and how to be stronger when the next disaster strikes, it can teach how to be independent, and it teaches how to improve and strengthen our mentality. “It gives a sense of empowerment [to believe] you can do anything,” Barker-Ball added.

Overcoming depression can teach us that there is always hope, and that we can overcome anything.

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Riverdale review


After the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom is solved, the town of Riverdale thought their troubles were over and believed their lives would go back to normal. Unfortunately, they were far from going back to normal as an ominous serial killer by the name of the Black Hood comes out from the shadows.

This ‘Black Hood’ first appears at the end of season one, shooting Archie’s father in the diner. Things only digress from there as Archie takes the killings personal, forming a group called the Red Circle full of football players looking for justice. The town is in chaos with the Northside blaming the Southside for these killings, breaking the town further in two.

As this divide continuously grows, Betty is facing her own struggles with the Black Hood. The Black Hood calls to Betty, claiming that they know each other and explaining that she is why he’s doing this. He plays with her emotions, forcing her to push everyone in her life out.

“This second season of Riverdale has had a handful of surprises. From Jughead becoming a Serpent to the Black Hood and Betty’s twisted relationship being the biggest. It has made the show more interesting and has made characters develop, showing their true colors,” senior Mara Spivey said.

The arrival of the Black  Hood has definitely brought out the characters true colors. It has revealed Archie’s intense fear and anger that he holds inside him. He is far from that sweet and innocent boy we saw in season one. Betty, too, is showing a darker side. She is acting as the Black Hoods eyes and ears due to threats on her sister’s life. Although she doesn’t want to do these things for the Black Hood, she makes no effort to stop him or tell the cops.

“(The second season) is a lot darker than the first. Much more intense. It’s an enjoyable and thrilling experience that I can’t get enough of,” senior Anna Lozada said.

This season has taken a much more morbid turn from the first, exploring not only mysterious serial killers but also the mental impact that high schoolers have to face day to day. The constant cliffhangers make the viewers come back week after week. Fans are constantly on their toes, wondering who the Black Hood is and what will come of the other characters. People cannot wait for the rest of this season.

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Female Football Player

AMINA IDOUI/ Staff writer

Football continues to be a male-dominated sport, but it is always good to see the occasional female breaking traditional gender roles and participating in such an activity.

Senior Kailyn Lavelle is on the varsity football team and plays wide receiver as well as cornerback.

“Being on the team has been such a great opportunity. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons and pushed my limits,” Lavelle said.

Senior Kobe Brown, who plays wide receiver and cornerback as well, enjoys having Lavelle on the team.

“She has been a great team player and tries her best all the time. She is pretty equal to everyone else and is not treated any differently because she is a girl,” Brown said.

Coach Scott Coats, who has been coaching for twenty years, also appreciates Lavelle’s effort and applauds her.

“Kailyn is treated with respect and is an excellent teammate.  She is always engaged in practice and the games, rooting on her teammates and doing the right thing.  She gives great effort and is willing to help the team in any way she can.  I think everyone respects her and is happy she is on the team,” Coats said.

Lavelle has worked very hard and it continues to remain an admirable feat that she successfully participates on the varsity team.

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Senior Activities

JENNIFER SANCHEZ/ Pop-culture Editor

It’s senior year, and that means senior activities, but Poway is severely lacking in number. Poway needs more activities for upperclassman; trips to amusement parks, senior sunrise, a beach day, a luau. Adding more senior events, will increase our school spirit, as well as unifying seniors as a class.

A top priority would have to be getting Poway High seniors to an amusement park. All the other schools in PUSD attend Disneyland as a senior field trip, or have their gradnite there. According to ASB director Mrs. Pratt the trip to an amusement park like Disneyland relies on a senior class president to organize the trip. Maybe it’s time to put some pressure on ASB.

Senior sunrise is the iconic experience of watching the sunrise sitting on your cars, while having breakfast with friends in the school parking. The whole class wakes up before the sun and hangs out before school. This activity could be simply organized by the students themselves, for an easy senior activity.

Senior beach day could be one of the year’s last senior activities, with everyone meeting at the beach for a barbeque, hanging out, and relaxing. A day in the sun and sand would allow students to take advantage of the lovely California weather, and catch a tan. A beach day would also allow them to relax before the stress of senior year and college apps kick in.

A luau would be a great way for the school to increase attendance on minimum days such as PSAT day. Students could have some food, play some games, listen to music, and enjoy each other’s company on such short days.

Having more senior activities will require more planning and effort by Poway’s ASB, but it will make a more spirited and tight-knit group of Titans. More activities for upperclassmen will have a positive outcome and will definitely be worth the effort.

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Team Traditions


Teams have all different types of CIF traditions. This year, two sports teams are changing their look for CIF are boys water polo and football. Both teams decided to start new traditions and continue old traditions for this year’s CIF. Both traditions relating to the hair of all the players on the team.

This year, boys water polo decided to start a new tradition for themselves. The team has decided to adopt an “old man haircut” for CIF. This haircut is shaved on top and normal everywhere else. The entire team met up on the pool deck before their first CIF practice and senior Bailey Loughnane got a hair trimmer and cut off the top part of everyone’s hair. Everyone except four players shaved their heads. The team decided to shave their heads for good luck and for intimidation.

Unfortunately for the water polo team, their CIF haircuts only lasted them until semifinals of CIF when they lost to UNC.

“It sucks that we didn’t go D1 all the way with the flow” junior water polo player Kellen McGrath said.

The football team decided to keep up their tradition of bleaching their hair for CIF. The team debated at first whether or not they would but ultimately decided to keep the tradition going. The team ultimately lost in the first round of CIF which makes student and players question whether or not it was even worth it.

“Its unfortunate we didn’t get very far this year in CIF. I think this year will help show us what we need to work on for next season” junior football player Maguire Withrow said.


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Let’s Talk About Tenure


Tenure causes many problems for schools and students. Tenure is earned when a teacher has been working successfully for a certain amount of years, and it makes it very difficult for that teacher to be fired.

Tenure is bad because sometimes there are teachers who have a new, fresh style of teaching that would be beneficial to students’ learning but cannot be hired because so many teachers have tenure.

Tenure causes problems with curriculum because some of the teachers that have it know that they are unlikely to be fired so they put in the bare minimum and make it difficult for the students to obtain knowledge from that teacher.

It is difficult to fire underperforming teachers because it involves the teachers’ union, the principal and the school board. It is very costly to fire a teacher that is performing poorly teacher.

Tenure makes it easier for teachers to put in the bare minimum and make it harder for the less experienced teachers. This is negative because sometimes the more difficult work is the work that the students would benefit most from.

Another negative side of tenure is that most school board presidents criticize and dislike tenure. In Oct 2006, a survey was conducted by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, asking school board presidents if they thought that tenure made it difficult to remove underperforming teachers and 91% of them said that they either agree or strongly agreed.

When teachers need to be let go seniority is a main priority instead of performance and quality of teaching. The “last hired, first fired” tactic is used in a situation of that kind.

Tenure makes it extremely difficult for there to be improvements to a school, and is also highly disliked. It should not make it so difficult for underperforming teachers to be dismissed

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Cars: Enemy of Boarders


Being a skateboarder in a city is a very dangerous thing, especially with cars paying almost no attention. There is already danger being a pedestrian on foot, but if you are on wheels, you are far more at risk. I speak from experience, having been clipped by a car on my board while crossing Poway Road while the crosswalk light was green.

Car drivers tend to be reckless and careless towards pedestrians of all types, even motorcyclists. I have seen multiple bike riders have to either brake hard or swerve and hit the curb due to a driver just not caring enough to look. People just drive without consistently checking mirrors and their blind spots, or even simply looking to the side. Really, how hard is glancing to the side? The driver who clipped me wasn’t even going on a green light. They ran a red light while I was crossing the street.

Stopping on a bike or scooter is far easier than a skateboard because you have actual brakes on your wheels instead of having to use your foot. Newton’s laws dictate that an object in motion tends to stay in motion, so trying to use your foot to stop the momentum of a fast moving board could send you flying. Cars cannot expect boarders to be able to stop on a dime just so they can drive however they please. Our turning radius on a board is also very limited. Most boards can’t even make a forty five degree turn quickly.

Car drivers should learn to drive safely and slowly when confronted with pedestrians on foot and on wheels, to make the world a safer place for all.

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Vandalism leaves its mark on Poway’s campus

HANNAH WILLIAMS/ Editor-in-Chief

A wide range of vandalism has occurred on campus lately. Graffiti on the bathroom walls, and damage of school property, such as dumping trash into a toilet to clog it or breaking into the ceiling.

Custodian Pete Cypher expressed his distress by saying, “It’s very frustrating and disappointing to see this, not only is it disgusting, it shows a severe lack of respect for the school, staff, and students.” He also added that it causes work for a lot of people and repairs have to be done by maintenance and operations.

Last year, a bathroom closed for five weeks due to vandalism, and that took a long amount of time to clean up.

It’s an expectation that when students come to school that it’s a safe place, and the students that are doing this are making that very difficult.

“It’s discouraging to know that students on campus are impacted in a way like this, most of it peer pressure. I spend over half of my time at this school, and it’s kind of like I live here. I would not expect someone to come to my house and do this. Nor would they expect me to go to their house and do that,” custodian Pete Cypher said.

The punishment for vandalism depends on how severe it is. Restitution for repayment to replace the damages is possible and has been done in the past, which can cost up to several thousand dollars at one time. Punishment is a little more severe if vandalism involves gang writing. Any sort of gang activity has its own set of circumstances including police involvement.

“There are better ways for kids to express themselves. If kids have that little respect for our school I’d say give it a chance. Get involved in some things, and you would see why doing that is not just insulting to the school, but the student body and all of Poway high,” Assistant Principal Aaron Little said.

Vandalism is a problematic and growing issue on campus.

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Fellow Titans who have survived cancer

HANNAH WILLIAMS/ Editor-in-Chief

Every year, over 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, a plague where tissue cells start growing abnormally and uncontrol­lably. Some fellow Titans survived this horrific dis­ease and were willing to share their story.

Determined survivor and amazing English teacher, TeriAnne Libby returned to Poway High with her head held high after treatment and recovery for most of the 2015-2016 school year. “The waiting and not know­ing until the CT scans came back was the worst week, because you don’t know if it had spread,” Libby mentioned. Post eighteen weeks of chemotherapy, the pain continued as she received surgery then radiation for five long weeks.

“The hardest thing to go through would be chemotherapy, because it takes away all your energy, and it feels like you have the flu,” Libby explained.

Libby had a lot of support from family and friends all through the treatment. She was out for most of the school year, and re­turned during the last six weeks of the grading period, even though she was tired and was still doing radiation.

Another strong-willed survivor is math teacher, Susan Sebas­tian. She was quite surprised when given news of the diagnosis. Before making a full recovery, she suffered a long process of five brutal surgeries, fol­lowed by tiring chemotherapy that took 19 months to complete. During this process, Sebastian always had her family and friends by her side, which is the best moral support anyone can ever have.

“I have a new joy of life, and a determina­tion to be the best me I can be,” Sebastian stated.

Sebastian gave some advice to people who have been diagnosed: “Follow recommenda­tions of doctors working with you if you are diag­nosed, but most impor­tantly, all women should follow medical guide­lines—regular mammo­grams and self-exams— that allow breast cancer to be detected before it’s too advanced.”

Breast cancer is an unexpected and evil disease, and has taken away many important lives. Luckily, Libby and Sebastian are all right, and even though the struggle is un­imaginable, all the Titans are here for them and anyone who is going through this.


Seen above: Math teacher, Susan Sebastian


Seen above: English teacher TeriAnne Libby

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