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Pop Warner at Poway High Game

CHESTER SMITH. Sports Editor

Every year hundreds of kids walk around the track at Poway High School and welcome the Poway Titans to the field prior to the football game. Poway’s annual Pop Warner Night is set to take place on Friday, September 12 when the Titans take on El Camino. On this night, young football players in the Poway Pop Warner program get to walk in front of a crowd of cheering fans and high five the Varsity football players as they run out onto the field before the game.

“This has been going on for longer than I’ve been here and has always been a great experience for these kids,” said athletic director and head football coach Damian Gonzalez.

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Take a Perfect Portrait


Senior portraits are definitely on everyone’s high school bucket list, but not everyone can afford to get a print of their own smiles. Visual photography is kind enough to offer 10 seniors scholarships for their one in a lifetime senior pictures

Qualified seniors should contact Traci Barker-Ball in student services. To help keep students from feeling embarrassment, she does not ask for an explanation on why the student needs a scholarship. “They don’t need to get through one more loop,” she explains. These scholarships cover two 5×7 and eight wallet photos that students will be able to share with their children in years to come.

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New Teachers Take Over Poway


The new year has brought a lot new things to the Poway campus. Most evident is the eleven new Poway High staff members on campus this year. Among them Paul Coleman, the new Physics teacher, the new registrar Judy Gutkowski, and Poway High’s new Assistant Principal, Catherine Burling.

The new staff will be making Poway their home this year and can be expected to make a big impact on and off the campus. The twelve new staff members at Poway this year are:

  • Special Education (returning)-Lili Greenlaw
  • Math- Tracy Roche
  • Math-Michelle Adam
  • Physics- Paul Coleman
  • Biology- Amy Daniel
  • Spanish-Ethel Scappaticci
  • English- Sarah Reschan
  • Speech Pathologist- Corinne Kircher
  • School Psychologist- Bernard Larsen
  • Registrar- Judy Gutkowski
  • Assistant Principal- Catherine Burling
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Mayoral Elections


2014 Mayoral elections are heating up, the race between Council Member Steve Vaus and current Mayor Don Higginson has just begun. On the corners of Pomerado and Camino Del Norte voters can see signs made by the opponent for the persuasion of others. Tuesday Nov. 4, elections will take place and results will be released downtown at the San Diego concourse and online at

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Football Tackles First Game

JILL GODFREY. Website Editor

The quarterback drops back looking for an open player, and just as the ball leaves the security of his hand, the quarterback is sacked.  The football spirals through the air and lands in the hands of the receiver as he crosses the line into the end zone.  The crowd goes wild and pool noodles wave violently through the air. Every team dreams to start off their season this way and Poway High Football team definitely left a lasting impression on Friday, August 29th marking a strong start to this year’s season.

“We were projected to lose this game and I’m really proud we hung on at the end to get the result,” senior starter, Jared Turnage explains.

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