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Homecoming Dance

Kienan Morrissey

Staff Writer

The homecoming dance, one of the most exciting dances all year and with that comes a lot work for ASB and their president Meagan Miller. Their job consists diligently painting props for the post game show, building floats and selling tickets. HC was moved off campus this year in hopes of a bigger attendance, as voted on by ASB.
“Homecoming, through the dance, parade, spirt week and post-game show is a fantastic way to promote school spirt and offers students multitude of ways to get involved. It is one of the most exciting and memorable events of our high school careers, so I urge everyone to participation and attend the dance!” Miller said.

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Paddy Cunningham

Sunday, Nov. 2 the City of Poway will be holding the Jack-O-Smash 5000. It is a 5k race that will hold many fun events including; pumpkin catapults, pumpkin t-ball, and a petting zoo.  Jack-O-Smash raises money for PoVa (Poway Valley) therapeutic riding center and Next Stage foundations helping kids and adults with special needs.  So far both PoVa and Next Stage U have raised 30,000 dollars in proceeds and are reaching for 50,000. People are able to find more information at

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Poway Parade

Dani Mikulics

Staff Writer

PHS Students of all grades will gather around Titan Way on Friday Sept. 26th— near the senior lot and watch this year’s Poway High School Homecoming Parade. This year the theme is the “Heroic Homecoming” so the parade will be filled with all of the classes favorite superheroes! Most students have heard about float building after school on the daily announcements, and this is what it is all leading up to.

Different Sports teams, Homecoming nominees, clubs, and class floats will be in the parade along with teacher of the year, Katie McMillian and employee of the year, Gene Morris. This day with be filled with the enthusiastic Titan Spirit.

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Her Light Still Shines

Aileen Blomdal

Staff Writer

Even though many did not know Chelsea King, she made a huge impact in the lives of teachers, Poway students, and even citizens of Poway and San Diego.

Chelsea’s younger brother, Tyler King, made a documentary about Chelsea’s life. Because of this documentary, so many can now see the King Family’s experience and how they are dealing with Chelsea being gone four years after she was kidnapped in Rancho Bernardo Community Park, raped and murdered.

Tyler was 13 years old when his sister was murdered. He made this documentary to share his personal experience and inspire other kids to use their voices and speak against sexual predators. There was recently a showing on the 23rd of September at the San Diego Film Festival, and the movie will be out to the public in a few weeks after the Academy Awards.

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5K Fundraiser for Student Services

BEN ISAACS. Staff Writer

Poway High School is throwing a 5k Fun Run to support student services and fund the salary of coordinator Traci Baker-Ball. October 11th at Road Runner Sports San Diego. 5553 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA 92111.

Mrs. Barker-Ball’s salary is based on donation and fundraisers. Unfortunately her salary wasn’t quite up to par due to budget cuts and a lack of donations; she was scheduled teach a class this year. Poway high school is hosting this run in hopes to make her full time in student services.

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Hot Weather, Dress Codes Go Crazy!


Poway High seems to be having problems with dress codes.

Poway High Students are going crazy with dress codes! Clothes are appropriate for climate, but not for school. Principal Assistants cannot stop sending students to change their clothes. Every day, at least four girls get dress code, and for a 30 minute lunch, that is a lot of students.

However, the boys’ dress code is not as strict as the girls’. It is a rule that seems to be harder for girls because the most common reason for them getting dress codes is that they are showing too much skin, shorts, skirts and dresses are not such a big deal as the tops.

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ASB’s Busiest Time of the Year!



As ASB starts the new school year, the work load is large for the

short amounted time they have acquired. President, Megan Miller

 starting her year as president with many activities .

 The first month of school will hold, the kickoff of football season,

 dozens of pep rallies, the morP dance and homecoming.

  For ASB this means dedicating There time and

effort for all planning and working of these events.

As Miller said, ”It is the busy time for ASB as we set up for the new

school year and prepare for all the fun events to come.”

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Crunch Time for Fall Play


A Midsummer Night’s Dream actors have less than a month to master and perform in the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. Opening Night is Oct. 2nd in the PCPA, only four weeks after casting was announced.

Drama Director Rollin Swan is certain that the actors will be ready in time; however, it is a great challenge to produce sets and costumes set in the 1920’s for such a large cast. The story revolves around four separate love stories that eventually come together: a mortal king and queen, the actors performing at their wedding, a forest king and fairy queen, and for mortal teenagers. The different groups of characters can all rehearse at the same time, which is more efficient.

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Pop Warner at Poway High Game

CHESTER SMITH. Sports Editor

Every year hundreds of kids walk around the track at Poway High School and welcome the Poway Titans to the field prior to the football game. Poway’s annual Pop Warner Night is set to take place on Friday, September 12 when the Titans take on El Camino. On this night, young football players in the Poway Pop Warner program get to walk in front of a crowd of cheering fans and high five the Varsity football players as they run out onto the field before the game.

“This has been going on for longer than I’ve been here and has always been a great experience for these kids,” said athletic director and head football coach Damian Gonzalez.

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