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Senioritis Plagues Titans’ Final Year


The idea of Senioritis has been put down as a universal myth among high school campuses. Senioritis the lack of motivation to do work and to blow off all school related responsibilities during one’s senior year. Many people doubt that Senioritis is a real thing, but it’s easy to say, it definitely exists.

“I had always heard about it during my underclassmen years and questioned if it were a real thing. About two weeks into the year I finally understood what Senioritis meant,” senior Reilly Catrambone said.

The lack of motivation and drive to complete school responsibilities is nothing to joke about. Students who have maintained high GPA’s throughout their four years are now complacent grades they would not have been earlier due to lesser drive to put in the work.

“It is clear that some students are ready to shut down. They just need to know that graduation is right around the corner so they need to pull through for just a bit longer,” said Pat Pillsbury, who teaches a Civics course soley for seniors.

“I know it’s my last year, but I just can’t wait to get out here,” senior Cooper Fowler said.

Although senior year is supposed to be the best year of one’s high school career, it is also the most anxious year for many seniors. Many can’t wait to graduate and attend the college of their choice.

For others, college may not be an option, but they are still excited to start the new chapter of their young adulthood and pave the way for the rest of their lives. Seniors can prevent the effects of Senioritis by not losing sight of the main goal, which is graduating high school. The rest of the lower classmen, juniors in particular, can learn from the previous students who let Senioritis get the best of them; they can avoid the consequences, which include falling behind in school, getting lazy, and blowing off school related responsibilities.

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School Shooting Awareness Saves Lives

NYIAH MOORE / Staff Writer

School shootings are no longer a surprise. They are becoming more common as the years go by. The trouble is that they are potentially preventable but there is no action being done to stop them.

School shootings are not a joking matter, they need to be taken more seriously, and something needs to be done to actually help put them to an end. If more and more school shootings and/or threats continue, shouldn’t there be a plan of action for more security on campus, drills that are more viable and well thought out, or other precautions like limiting the access to particular weapons?

The first step would be reporting a threat to authorities if it is heard, read, or shown; do not blow off a threat and don’t be afraid to speak out concerns for the safety of others. It is time to stop joking and start speaking up and being serious in situations such as this. The City of Poway, for instance, is now using a 24-hour hotline for students, parents, teachers and community members to report potential threats to schools in Poway. Messages left on the toll-free hotline will be monitored by the Poway Sheriff’s Station.

The recent school shooting in Florida, for example, had many chances to be prevented. There were many indications that Nikolas Cruz was a potential school shooter: he told people online that he is going to be a school shooter, he messaged classmates with death threats, his parents reported that he had “put a gun to others’ heads in past”, and the authorities visited his home 39 times–two of which were FBI tips. Yet Nikolas Cruz got onto campus, putting his reign of terror into action.

It has been suggested to supply and arm the school staff with weapons in case of severe emergencies like school shootings. To prevent a school shooting, or a student having a gun on campus for malicious reasons, our president Donald Trump wants to put more guns on campus. If one does not feel safe with a single student roaming around the campus with the gun, how would one feel more comfortable with a gun in the same classroom as them that their teacher, or anyone potentially, could access?

If guns are the problem, involving more guns will not solve anything. Kids are already afraid enough of going to school at this time due to the risk and fear of school shootings. They will only be more fearful and stressed to come to school if they know that there are weapons on campus. Students may not come to school at all if that were to happen.

Having more security on campus is a better solution than putting more guns on campus. Strengthening gun control laws would be an even greater solution at this point. Again, simply paying attention to the signs of a threat and making others aware of it would be completely beneficial. In addition, if a student is exhibiting such signs, without hesitation they should be expelled because they are violating the safety of everyone at the school.

Our society needs to start looking out for other, not provoking each other as Rancho Bernardo high school students demonstrated through their own threat to shoot up the school shortly after the Florida shooting. The lives of others is a serious matter and it needs to be taught that lashing out violently and threats can no longer be tolerated if we want to stop this epidemic of back to back school shootings and back to back deaths of innocent lives.

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Dismissed: The Drama You Don’t Want to Miss


A student who has gotten perfect grades his whole life and his English teacher gives him a B+ on his paper, he starts to go through a psychotic spiral. The movie is Dismissed and it came to Netflix on October 8.

Dylan Sprouse, brother of the Riverdale star, Cole Sprouse, stars as Lucas Ward. He is the perfect person for this role. He plays the psycho role astonishingly. The interesting thing about Dismissed is that Lucas is so organized and clean, yet when he starts to spiral, his tendencies change and he becomes less meticulous.

Lucas is truly one of the creepiest characters. He can seem so sweet and sympathetic, but truly he is only in it for himself. He manipulates everyone in his life to do what he wants them to. His father is a defense attorney and seems to be afraid of what Lucas is capable of. Lucas had other teachers at previous schools that have also been the victim of Lucas’ torture.

The whole cast of this movie is so awesome, they all worked together really well and the movie comes together because of the cast. They all worked really hard on this project, especially Dylan Sprouse and Kent Osborne, who played Mr. Butler, the English teacher that Lucas begins to torture after he gives him a B+. They all were very strong actors and did justice to this movie.

The movie is so amazing, it was so suspenseful, it keeps people on the edge of their seat the whole time. It’s impossible to know what’s going to happen next. The fact that it’s on Netflix makes the movie even better because it’s so easily accessible.

Dismissed brings forth a realization that psychopaths aren’t so easy to notice. Lucas seems so normal even though he is a murderous sociopath. It makes the viewer paranoid. This movie was such a creepy and dark psychological thriller.

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Golden Globes 2018


75th Annual Golden Globes Awards aired on January 7. These award shows are very prestigious and many amazing people have won. This year there were a couple of really outstanding things that happened. Yet there were some huge mistakes.

During the show, so many men and women wore black outfits to show their support for victims of sexual assault. It was truly astonishing to see all these stars coming together to fight against sexual assault in the entertainment industry and beyond that. The fact that these people wanted to show their support in such a bold way is incredible.

One of the mistakes made during the show was in the best motion picture musical or comedy category, the nominees were Lady Bird, I, Tonya, The Disaster Artist, Get Out and The Greatest Showman. Most of those motion pictures seem to fit into that category, all except one, Get Out. That movie is neither a comedy nor a musical. Get Out is a movie about a couple who go to meet the girlfriend’s parents and throughout the trip he realizes and sees things that lead him to assume that the family is deeply disturbed. The movie is categorized as a mystery/thriller. Director, Jordan Peele, was quite upset that the Golden Globes called it a comedy.

Regarding the Best Television Series- Drama category the show that won, compared the the other shows that were nominees, caused uproar within the fan base of many shows such as, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. The show that won the award for that category was The Handmaid’s Tale. Many people upset by this choice because shows like Stranger Things and Game of Thrones have higher ratings. Stranger Things has a 9/10 rating according to Rotten Tomatoes, Game of Thrones has a 9.5/10 whereas The Handmaid’s Tale has a 8.6/10. The winner of this category was disappointing for many.

The 2018 Golden Globes had some really strong aspects to it. There were also some poorly thought out and underdeveloped aspects to it. All in all, the categories should have been worked on and thought through more. The best moment of the night was when all the men and women came together to show their support for victims of sexual assault by wearing black outfits.

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This Really is the Greatest Show

KEIRA BARRY / Associate Editor

“Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for.” Lights. Music. Action. So begins 20th Century Fox’s The Greatest Showman, a box-office hit that, since its premiere on December 8, 2017, has generated $345.4 million and captivated the hearts of viewers across the nation.

Of course, the first thing people will want to rave about in Greatest Showman is the soundtrack, and justifiably so– the soundtrack is incredible. From the can’t-give-up attitude of “A Million Dreams,” to the heart-wrenching “Rewrite the Stars,” and from the unapologetic anthem that is “This is Me,” to the flashy show tune “This is the Greatest Show,” every song in this movie is a masterpiece in its own right.

In addition, The Greatest Showman featured several dance numbers, which were well-choreographed and well-executed. They’re flashy, they’re captivating, and they make you want to stand up and dance in the middle of the theater.

The cast is easily as incredible as the music. Headlined by names like Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, and Rebecca Ferguson, its star-studded cast is enough of a reason to go see it, even if musicals aren’t usually your thing.

But just as the circus has problems and cracks behind the scenes, Greatest Showman could have been better. I would have liked it to be longer. The film felt rushed, and both the plot and characters developed too fast for my liking. With a little more time, the movie could’ve easily shown us a little more of the rising action rather than speeding from introduction to climax.

Even if it was a little fast, the storyline was quite moving. Seriously, it’s been a long time since a film moved me to tears. Greatest Showman’s messages about accepting others, being yourself, and choosing your own destiny are powerful and unmissable (even better that it’s based on the true story of P.T. Barnum’s circus).

Additionally, the film relies heavily on CGI. I understand Hollywood is struggling, and that budget and safety could pose issues, but could they not have used a real circus?

Overall, even if musicals aren’t really your thing, this one is different. It can join the ranks of Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen as far as I’m concerned. Whether the audience is a performer or a spectator, born into wealth or born into hard work, an outcast or a social butterfly, Greatest Showman speaks to that one person we all are: a dreamer.

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Snap sucks

STEVEN FERRY / Staff Writer

Snapchat is a popular communication app used by many people. It makes texting people very easy by taking a quick easy picture and adding text, making texting more fun and interactive. Users could also post pictures to their story which lets all their friends’ access it.

The previous version of the app loaded snapchats chronologically and dedicated a whole page to other friends stories.

Their newest update combines stories and snapchats into one page, making it extremely busy and hard to know what is happening. “I can barely talk to friends without snapchat moving them to the bottom of my friends list.” Sophomore Jack Lomau said. They also removed the chronological order that snapchats loaded in, it now loads old snapchats at the top, making it difficult to hold a conversation with people. These changes are strongly disliked by users and many feel that the update was very unnecessary.

Snapchat has gotten lots of negative feedback on the App Store and other media websites, Kylie Jenner even said on Twitter.

“Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.”

This tweet made Snapchat’s stock value drop 1.3 Billion dollars. Their rating on the App Store has also dropped from 3.3 to 2 stars. Snapchat even confirmed they would undo this new update on Feb. 20th and they lied and did not undo the update.

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Teachers deserve more respect

YANPEI WANG / Staff Writer

Students should give teachers more respect. Some students should be more aware that teachers are human too, and not everyone can agree with the same thoughts. Since teachers are the most recognizable people at school, more students should have more respect for them. For example, some students can be rude by talking back to a teacher or be rebellious by not doing what the teacher told them to do.

There is not a lot for a teacher can do to discipline a student. For example, students may be defiant, and teachers almost have no way to have authority over them other than give them detention or a referral/call home.

Also, teachers have it hard enough, they are stuck planning tests and new assignments on their breaks, while students can fun and be happy. Teachers deserve more respect because they can help students with their future and  assist them to their learning.

Teachers create a better learning environment and give up a lot for the students. Some teachers don’t get all the respect they deserve and rebellious students can give teachers an even harder time they already have. Also, many parents can quickly accuse teachers for failing their child. Parents usually look at teachers for not teaching correctly for giving a failing grade to their children.

Everyone should give teachers the respect they deserve. They create a great pathway for students to follow to provide a better time to come and work hard to provide the best learning experience for you and try give you the best future. Teachers really appreciate respect from loving and caring students.

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Lackluster Super Bowl

HANNAH WILLIAMS / Editor-in-Chief

Super Bowl LII was an intense game for many, and after a head-to-head game with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles took home the win. As exciting as that is, the Super Bowl would not be complete without the iconic commercials and astounding halftime performances. This year, Justin Timberlake took the stage, becoming the first musician with three Super Bowl halftime performances.
As Timberlake stepped to the stage, he rolled through his songs “Cry Me a River” and “SexyBack,” and nothing really sparked his performance besides his Prince tribute, since Prince is the King of Minnesota. He did not have any special guests come out, even though that is normally a big feature of the show, and the stage design was not as interesting as expected. Although, expectations were pretty high seeing as Lady Gaga came down from the rafters last show.
“Timberlake’s performance was lacking. He barely sang, and when he did it was subpar at best. He had killer dance moves, but I was just so distracted by his absolutely hideous outfit. Beyoncé could have done better,” junior Hannah Dawson said.
Of course the Super Bowl wouldn’t be as entertaining without its iconic commercials, but this year even the advertisements were lacking and only a few stood out.
Star Wars fans got their first teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, giving fans the initial glimpse at the upcoming Han Solo anthology movie. The film will feature Alden Ehrenreich as young Han Solo and Donald Glover as young Lando Calrissian.
Pepsi put out a political commercial this year, delivering a blast from the past and aiming to bridge the generational gap between its consumers. It features several generations of Pepsi, including previous commercials with Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson.
Many Titans expressed their feelings towards the political commercials. “They were extremely political, and I was overwhelmed. The ones that tried to be funny weren’t, and the serious ones were a hit and a miss. I’ve honestly seen better, and I was very disappointed with the adverts this year,” junior Pamyla Absher said.
All in all, the few good commercials made up for Timberlake’s lacking performance, and perhaps next year they’ll pick up the pace.

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Youtube should take control

HANNAH WILLIAMS / Editor-in-Chief
YouTube vlogger Logan Paul shocked his 15 million viewers after posting a vlog on Dec. 31 that took place in Japan’s Mount Fiji known as the “Suicide Forest” famous for the high number of self-inflicted deaths that occur there. Paul captured the group’s discovery of a dead body.
During the video, Paul and his friends were seen laughing and zooming in on the deceased man. Though the video has since been removed, his insensitive actions has caused quite a stir in the media, and is the most talked about YouTube controversy since the youtuber ‘PewDiePie’ was punished last year for inappropriate content. Many of Paul’s fellow YouTuber’s complained that “Suicide is not a joke, nor should it ever be a driving force for views.”
“Logan Paul is super insensitive and needs to think before he speaks especially when he has so many young viewers,” senior Mara Spivey said.
YouTube has grown to be such a large platform, that it should be more prepared when encountering these problems instead of taking nearly two weeks to take action. That video should have been removed from the platform within 24 hours of it being uploaded, but instead Paul had to take it down himself.
Eventually, they pulled Paul’s channel from Google Preferred and put on hold two other projects on YouTube Red he’s involved in. Paul recognized he has made a serious error, tweeting that he had been “misguided by shock and awe.” He has expressed remorse for them in an apology video, but that was seen as shallow. He later announced he’ll be taking a break from posting videos.
“Making comedy out of suicide is inconsiderate and offensive to not only the viewers of the video, but also the victims, family,” senior Rena Khodaverdi said.
After all the consequences are set in place, that doesn’t mean Paul’s career is over. With 15 million subscribers, he was the fourth highest paid YouTube star in 2016, and has a dedicated fan base who will still watch his videos and buy merchandise.
This incident has given YouTubers the insight of how far is too far, and have made it very clear that this does not represent YouTube culture for one’s actions. YouTube stated they are going to watch more carefully what is being posted. Youtubers should remember that they are influencers and role models for the young generation.

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Busting the myths of cannabis

HANNAH WILLIAMS / Editor-in-Chief

Since marijuana is becoming legal for recreational use this year it is time to put some some myths to rest.
Myth number one: Marijuana doesn’t affect the chances of young people reaching their full potential. One in 15 high-school seniors now use marijuana daily, and marijuana is one of the only legal or illegal drugs that shows a five year increase in the MTF (Monitoring the future) survey of drug use. Half of the teenage population try Marijuana before they graduate, and nearly 7 percent of high-school seniors who smoke pot daily or near- daily basis are already addicted or on their way. (Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse).
Myth number two: Holland and Portugal have legalized marijuana. Even though Holland has weed haze-filled “coffee shops”, this capital has never actually legalized cannabis. There has been an official policy since 1976 of not enforcing existing laws against the possession or selling of small amounts. However, growing and importing pot is still illegal in the Netherlands. As for Portugal, they decriminalized all drugs, but that does not mean they are legalized. (Source: Cato Institute, Time).
Myth number three: Marijuana use causes cancer. It may be true that both marijuana and tobacco contain carcinogens, a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue, but the consumption amount between the two is very different with tobacco use being greater than pot use. Even though marijuana does contain this cancer-causing chemical, it also contains the chemical THC, which may kill aging cells and avoid them from becoming cancerous. Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles, a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years, suggests that pot can prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. (Source: Washington Post).
Myth number four: Marijuana use leads to dependence or addiction. As marijuana remains the most widely used illegal drug in the United States, marijuana’s dependence seems similar to other chemical dependencies it is likely to be less severe. It is possible to become dependent on marijuana, but in minor cases of heavy users. About nine percent of marijuana users become clinically dependent, as compared to 15 percent of cocaine users and 24 percent of heroin users. (National Institute of Health).

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