• Astros Win

    CRAIG MARTINS/ Staff Writer We have crowned the new kings of baseball for the year 2017 and now that the Astros have won the World Series, let us recap on

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  • For women undergoing Depression

    NYIAH MOORE/ Staff Writer What does it mean to be depressed? It can make you feel weak, lonely, worthless, hopeless, miserable, and hollow; and that is just to name a

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  • Riverdale review

    ANDREA BANZER/ Staff Writer After the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom is solved, the town of Riverdale thought their troubles were over and believed their lives would go back to

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  • Female Football Player

    AMINA IDOUI/ Staff writer Football continues to be a male-dominated sport, but it is always good to see the occasional female breaking traditional gender roles and participating in such an

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  • Senior Activities

    JENNIFER SANCHEZ/ Pop-culture Editor It’s senior year, and that means senior activities, but Poway is severely lacking in number. Poway needs more activities for upperclassman; trips to amusement parks, senior

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