• Senior Activities

    JENNIFER SANCHEZ/ Pop-culture Editor It’s senior year, and that means senior activities, but Poway is severely lacking in number. Poway needs more activities for upperclassman; trips to amusement parks, senior

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  • Team Traditions

    RYAN FITZGERALD/ Staff Writer Teams have all different types of CIF traditions. This year, two sports teams are changing their look for CIF are boys water polo and football. Both

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  • Let’s Talk About Tenure

    OLIVIA JOHNSTON/ Staff Writer Tenure causes many problems for schools and students. Tenure is earned when a teacher has been working successfully for a certain amount of years, and it

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  • Cars: Enemy of Boarders

    ALLI GOODBODY/ Staff Writer Being a skateboarder in a city is a very dangerous thing, especially with cars paying almost no attention. There is already danger being a pedestrian on

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  • Vandalism leaves its mark on Poway’s campus

    HANNAH WILLIAMS/ Editor-in-Chief A wide range of vandalism has occurred on campus lately. Graffiti on the bathroom walls, and damage of school property, such as dumping trash into a toilet

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